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Welcome to Take a Bite Out of Life!

Welcome to Take a Bite Out of Life!

In this blog you will find my experiences about different topics relating to eating disorder recovery.  My no means do I consider myself an expert.  So you might be asking yourself why should I listen to her, what makes her different.  In all honestly, probably nothing, but I think I can provide a fresh take seeing as how after I completed treatment, I decided to pick up my life and move half way across the world to Tel Aviv, Israel.  I don’t speak the language, I don’t have a proper job, I don’t have family here and I’m still making friends.  This blog will be about my experiences navigating not only life, but recovery in a new, different country. 

On this blog, I will cover topics such as recovery, body image, relapse and how to handle it, healthy lifestyle, and personal stories.

I decided to write a blog as a sort of journal.  Journaling has helped me immensely in my recovery as a way to get all the thoughts spiraling around in my head out.  It’s also an easier way to express myself.  Sharing my experiences has taken the “shame” and “secrecy” of my eating disorder away.  Every time I share a little more or with someone new, the little strands still hanging one begin to break one by one.  I hoping to break all those strands by writing this blog.  My goals for this blog is to not only help myself, but help others going through recovery and help everyone take a bite of life.


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